Perfume – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Fragrance


So often I hear women complain they don’t figure out what perfume that they like, or they’re afraid to buy something totally new, so that they just stick with the perfume they got brought to decades ago. True nowadays we’re bombarded with new perfume launches every time we go to the shops. There are literally thousands of different fragrances.

How do you pick which is right for you? Perfume is an extremely personal choice. What suits one person may not suit another. Not only do fragrances have to reflect the personality from the wearer but they smell different on everyone because they mix together with your natural oils and acids on the skin. Perfumes are generally categorised in eight different areas, so once you know what category you want best you can narrow your research down.

1) Floral

Undoubtedly the biggest and many popular category. An accord of various floral notes including Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Gardenia and Orange Blossom. It easily combines with every other family, flowery perfumes are universally loved. This includes the only flower compositions for example rose, jasmine, tuberose, lily from the valley or ylang ylang. Think Christian Dior J’adore, Gucci Eau De ParfumII and Britney Spears Curious.

2) Flowery Aldehydic

These fragrances in many cases are referred to as a little powdery. They are quite soft although the aldehydes add sparkle to flowery notes. Think Chanel No5, Carolina Herrera 212 and Bvlgary Omnia Cristalline.

3) Citrus

This fragrance group is light, tangy, refreshing and uplifting. The light, fresh characters of the citrus notes (lime, tangerine, bergamot, orange, lemon, petitgrain, mandarin, etc.) are often coupled with more sweeter scents (flowers, fruits and chypre). Guerlain skincare Allegoria Pamplelune, Clarins Eau Tranquility and Donna Karan Be Delicious.

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4) Green

The green fragrances are fresh having a hint of sharpness often reminding one of the freshly cut grass, pine and herbs. It is almost an outdoors or sporty fragrance. Green notes are natural in character; often married with fruity and floral notes. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca and Christian Dior Tendre Poison

5) Oriental

They are very sensual, warm and exotic fragrances eluding to mystery. Containing musks, oriental resins, vanilla, precious woods and chocolates. These perfumes are not for that fainthearted or the shrinking violet. Christian Dior Poison, YSL Opium and Guerlain Shalimar.

6) Soft-Oriental

Soft-orientals combine oriental notes with various florals. Top notes in many cases are fresh. Britney Spears In Control, Clinique Simply.

7) Chypre(Woody)

Based on a woody, mossy and flowery complex, containing Cedar, Patchouly, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Pine and often with aspects of fruits, chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious. Guerlain Samsara, Narciso Rodriguez On her and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

8) Watery

These are aqua or marine notes reminding one of the ocean or even the smell after a big downpour, sea breezes and funky, fresh dew. Think L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake, Bvlgary BLV Notte.

Once you have decided on the perfume you want you have a further choice. What strength you want your perfume to become.

Here are your choices:

PERFUME – The strongest, longest-lasting fragrance form. Apply at the pulse points; wherever you are feeling the beat of the heart, behind your ears, the nape of your neck, at the base of the throat, at the bosom, the inside bend of the elbows, in the inside of your wrists and behind the knees. The heat from the body at these points will assure a well-balanced fragrance application. It always comes in a dab on bottle. This form will last onto the skin for 8-12 hours.

EAU DE PARFUM Body of the very most common forms of fragrances found in many of the fine fragrance collections. It should be smoothed or sprayed just before dressing. This usually is a bottle of spray and it lasts on the skin Six to eight hours.

EAU DE TOILET – Usually less concentrated than Eau de Parfum, it should be applied in much the same way as Eau de Parfum. Forever in a spray bottle and will last on the skin 4 – 6 hours.

COLOGNE- The lightest form of fragrance. Ideal for splashing liberally all around the body. It’s the perfect refreshant. It does not last lengthy onto the skin.

Once you have familiarized yourself using the different alternatives available to you you’re ready to hit the fragrance counter. But go slowly. Our noses only recognize up to three smells only. So don’t go dousing yourself in twenty different perfumes. Once you have tried on three different smells on your skin walk away.

Leave the perfume area because the air is full of smells here. Leave the perfume on your skin for 10 mins before smelling it again. By doing this you should have a feeling of the real fragrance. If you still enjoy it you’re on to a success.

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