Fuji Q5 Platinum Assessment

Fuji Q5 Platinum could be the very best HVLP paint sprayer from Fuji. It is 5 enthusiast turbine provides 9.five PSI stress reaching good atomization for an excellent ending. The extra pressure enables you to use viscous paint with fewer thinning.

3 Design of Fuji Q Platinum Collection

The Q Platinum series gives three styles on the sprayer program: Q5, This autumn and Q3, the variety corresponds for the selection admirers the turbine has.

What’s Various

The Q5 could be the top rated of the line sprayer program from Fuji. One other two products are This fall and Q3. Even though most of the capabilities of the three designs are extremely similar, you’ll find some distinctions.
Speed Manage Dial

The Q5 technique comes having a variable pace command dial. It helps you to regulate the PSI (stress) by changing the motor pace, for optimum adjustment needed to perfectly atomize your coating for the complete you wish. This is realized while decreasing the overspray to an complete minimum.
What’s three Phase, four Stage, and 5 Phase Motor

The 5 phase motor on the Q5 product provides nine.five PSI for finer atomization and increased end. The This autumn product produces nine PSI and Q3 makes six.5 PSI of tension. The more pressure (PSI) you might have the considerably less you need to slender out your solution. The upper the strain the more viscous materials could be sprayed with it.

Notice: Methods with under ten PSI strain are viewed as HVLP (Superior Quantity Minimal Pressure) program.

The quantity ‘5’ from the title ‘Fuji Q5 Platinum’ stands for the number of followers the sprayer system motor has. So Q3 has 3 motor enthusiasts as well as the This fall has four. A method with far more admirers prices additional. In addition to the price tag, exactly what does much more admirer mean to you?

Initial off, far more followers mean extra force, as described previously. The 3 phase motor spins more quickly when compared to the four phase motor and also the 4 stage motor spins a lot quicker than 5 stage etc. A lot quicker spinning means much more use and tear which implies more breakdowns and a lot more cost for servicing. It also signifies additional downtime and prospective business enterprise reduction – loss of money.

Force Ranking

Additional supporters develop far more pressure and the speed at which you paint. The Q3 produces six PSI, This autumn produces 9 PSI and also the Q5 nine.five PSI. At larger PSI the paint is atomized finer for any more skilled complete.
Widespread Features

In addition to the above-mentioned distinctions, you will discover various common attributes with the Q Platinum collection. The ‘Platinum’ implies it is the very best solution on this category of paint sprayer technique from Fuji.

Q Means Quiet

The Fuji Q5 Platinum Turbines make use of the patented Fuji sounds reduction process. Bordering the turbine motor with soundproof foam would overheat the turbine. The Computer-Designed Airflow Configurations technique controls and directs the airflow in and all around the turbine. This gets rid of the ‘Direct Audio Path’ uncovered on small to mid-priced HVLP Turbine Programs available today. Far more than 50% with the sound stage is decreased using this know-how. In reality, the hissing noise with the spray gun is much more noticeable compared to the turbine if the system is working.

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The audio degree with the Q5 Platinum turbine is barely 63 dba at 15ft absent from the turbine. Compared, a standard conversion at 3-5ft is sixty dba.

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