The HCAHPS system isn’t just designed to compare and advise about hospitals. The fact of the matter is that medicare has integrated the HCAHPS results in their value based purchasing system, which directly links hospital’s compensation payments for their individual encounter scores. For many hospitals in the United States this signifies between $300.000 and $2.000.000 a year in earnings received from medicare.

As you can see, this isn’t a trivial matter for hospital management. The truth is that improving HCAHPS scores is a major priority for healthcare organizations.

If your objective is to establish your organization as”Hospital of Choice” in your region, it is essential that you establish a realtime patient satisfaction measurement application. This program will allow you to integrate patient satisfaction monitoring into your everyday interactions with patients. This way you will have the ability to detect problems and implement adjustments before they could change your official HCAHPS scores.

To explain why this constant measuring is so important, you have to comprehend the HCAHPS procedure. This government backed survey instrument is administered to a small sample of discharged patients who meet the approved HCAHPS criteria. The minimum acceptable sample size is just 300 patients a year.

Even though most organizations may surpass this sample size, it’s obvious that the amount of patients surveyed is relatively small when compared with the entire population of releases. Only a few discontented patients which happen to fall into the sample may provoke a substantial drop in the overall HCAHPs scores.

If you put your realtime satisfaction data at the hands of frontline managers, you’re creating an exceptionally powerful atmosphere for constant improvement. Problems can be detected immediately and corrective measures can be opted in on the fly. A few hours after, your team will be verifying if the steps have generated the desired response.

The concept of truly realtime measurement of patient satisfaction was not possible until very recently. As a result of an innovative new technologies hospitals can now monitor patient satisfaction readily and affordably within their everyday in hospital routines. Patients answer fast polls by touching the display of the mobile”gustometer” with their fingers directly in their own rooms. Considering that the entire survey process usually takes about a minute and a half, the usage of the gustometer may be incorporated into the normal day to day interactions with your patients. Once done the questionnaire is automatically collected by the program’s servers, both tabulated and ready for analysis.

More importantly the tool incorporates a very sophisticated business intelligence program which will let you extract the maximum value from the survey data. You will have the ability to contrast your custom profile queries with the results of every valuation question. Healthcare apps also lets you adapt your surveys on the fly an to structure your surveys in a way which assures high participation rates.

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