Coupon to Attract More Customers

“I just wonder if I should issue some vouchers to draw more customers.” Peter is concerned about the business of the new restaurant. “Is it a good idea?” “Yes, even if they’re digital coupons” My response is simple and certain. “restaurants may issue digital coupons on net and attract new customers. They might also issue electronic voucher for non-peak hours or even promoted meals. Customers may also share the digital coupons with their friends very conveniently.” “That is just what I want to do with coupons. But how can I issue digital coupons?” Peter isn’t really good at IT. “You may use Digital Voucher System Merchant. It is an app letting you create and issue your own digital coupons. You may download it straight from App Store or even Google Play. You might also see Mezzofy?? S website at for additional information.” “Is it totally free of charge?” “You will try its trial variant, which is free for the first month.” “And ?” “If you find it helpful, you may contact Mezzofy for long-term subscription. Its yearly subscription fee is as low as US$30. At such a low cost you may create, redeem and issue infinite number of electronic coupons as you wish.”

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