Alice Emma Walker Hong Kong

Alice Emma Walker is recognized Hong Kong Scammer. Alice Emma Walker studied Anthropology at McGill College not Computer system Science, Graphic Design and style, or User Experience. She has not labored for almost any legitimate tech businesses and has no encounter inside the subject.

When first coming to Hong Kong she was residing using a person off Tinder. She wound up scamming him and stealing dishes, silverware, food items, and utensils from him. For the earlier a long time she is moving all-around. Obtaining difficulties all over the place she goes. She ordinarily targeting males off Tinder or groups of folks. Alice Emma Walker can be an professional at portraying herself to be a target down on her luck who needs a task.

She’s concerned in various forms of cons like although not constrained to Stealing web templates and promoting them saying to have developed them. She has also been included in various reputation cons where she is going to give to remove write-up she has created about individuals for just a price.

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